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Part II

May 21 - November 5, 2017

An exhibition by Kunstmuseum Magdeburg at the occasion of the 100th German Katholikentag Leipzig 2016 and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Magdeburg 2017


Lucas Foglia: Andrew and Taurin Drinking Raw Goat's Milk, Tennessee, 2009, from the series A Natural Order, 2006-2010


Behold, thus are human beings: weak, fearful, doubting, handed over; but, behold, thus too are human beings: kind, loving and always hopeful. The image of this complex man of our time, who is always different, never the same, who has many facets, who is sometimes vulnerable and sometimes violent, who another time astonishingly and perceptively does good: That is the image of man that today’s artists are showing. This exhibition, which combines the motto of the Katholikentag 2016 with the anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, will look at contemporary artists’ views of human beings in our time. In the course of several chapters, dedicated to different aspects of being, people’s sensitivities, the unspeakable, the unutterable of their existence and their actions will be shown by means of photography, painting, sculpture, videos and installations.


There are images of ourselves that we do not like to look at; there are those that we see again and again and that insert themselves into human lives from birth to death. These are images that are emotional and moving, that accuse and reconcile, that keep asking the same question: what makes us human?


Francis Alÿs | Kader Attia | Jean-Charles Blais | Matthias Böhler & Christian Orendt | Nathan Coley | Lucas Foglia | Douglas Gordon | Tim Eitel | Binelde Hyrcan | Gülsün Karamustafa | Hans-Wulf Kunze | Jitka Hanzlová | Robert Metzkes | Santu Mofokeng | Roman Opalka | Elizabeth Peyton | Julian Röder | Phillip Toledano | Ginan Seidl | Alexander Tinei | Sandra Vásquez de la Horra | Bill Viola | Gillian Wearing | Veronika Witte | Miriam Yammad


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   supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and 
   the Media on the basis of a decision of the German Bundestag




further supporters:

Diocese Dresden-Meißen, diocese Görlitz, diocese Magdeburg, diocese Berlin and diocese Erfurt




    OLIVER SCHNELLER Telemann Sphere

Sound installation in the course of Telemania 2017 marking the 250th anniversary of the death of Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann

April 28 - August 27, 2017

Opening: April 27, 2017


Konzeptuelle Darstellung Telemann Sphere © Oliver Schneller


In a sort of acoustic architecture composer Oliver Schneller (born 1966 in Cologne) makes up to 12 compositions by Georg Philipp Telemann (born 1681 in Magdeburg) audible at the same time. All important genres for which Telemann composed are represented: instrumental works, sacred as well as secular vocal compositions. The visitor enters the installation and hears at first a sound cloud that circles around him. From this cloud single compositions by Telemann emerge one by one. Like details in the zoom of a camera they suddenly become clearly detectable. Oliver Schneller uses the mechanics of the human ear that creates a hierarchical order of sound objects based on volume and spatial arrangement. Telemann's creative power and width manifested in his more than 1000 compositions can be experienced in a totally new way.



    TE North Pole – 24x the World 2016

Media installation

since January 23, 2016


Photo: Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

Thai artist Te, born 1968 in Utaradit, presents his digital world sundial consisting of 24 monitors in the museum foyer. The monitors, fastened to a round rack system, show webcam images from all over the world. Part of the screens remains dark when it is night in one region whereas life is pulsating in another part of the world.   


The visual round trip starts in Iceland, followed by Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana), Aguiella (Puerto Rico), the Virgin Islands, New York and 10 further places in the US, incl. Hawaii, as well as Tokyo, Boracay (Thailand), Bali, Bangkok, Dubai, Qatar, Jerusalem, Hamburg and Dublin.